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Online Fabric Shops – EU only


Living in Ireland it’s very hard to find good value fabric locally so that means buying online!  I buy mainly cotton lycra and french terry so that’s what I’m looking for.  This list isn’t a comprehensive list of fabric shops but these are the ones I’ve come across and want to remember.  I’ve also added some notes for myself which you may or may not find helpful.

  • Belle Paris – Poland
    In Polish so very difficult to navigate and I’ve never bought from here.  It does come recommended for good value stretchy fabrics though.
  • Bloome Copenhagen – Denmark
    Premium price and quality stretchy fabrics.
  • Dresowka – Poland
    Great selection of their own prints in cotton-lycra, french terry and fleecy sweatshirts.  The postage is very high so it’s only really worthwhile to do a bigger order.  I’ve ordered from here a few times and quality is good but not amazing.
  • Dress Fabrics – Ireland
    Nice little shop based in Ireland with good service but not the widest selection for jerseys.Paap
  • Elvelyckan Design – Sweden
    Do their own prints in scandi styles – premium price and quality jersey but they’re sale section is great value.  Shipping is very expensive to Ireland.
  • Herbert Textile – German/Dutch
    The website is only in either German or Dutch but they appear to have good value jerseys and french terry as well as other fabrics.  I’ve seen some unicorn french terry here that is cheaper than Staghorn which is cheaper than on English-language sites I’ve seen it so there is value here it’s just harder to access for those of us who only speak English!
  • Kelanas Kreations – UK
    They have both in stock and custom printed stretchy fabrics with pre-orders run through their Facebook group.  I like that they have bamboo lycra and swim fabrics as well as the usual cotton lycra and french terry.
  • Lillestoff – Germany
  • Paapii – Finland
    Do their own prints in scandi styles – premium price and quality organic jersey.  There are several resellers in UK and elsewhere but you can also buy directly from Paapii.
  • Rooftop Fabrics – UK
    In stock maxilock thread but only a small selection of jersey.
  • Second Star – UK
    Started out as limited edition custom fabrics run through their facebook group but more recently all fabrics are switching to in stock.  Premium quality with gorgeous unique designs and thick cotton lycra as well as french terry and dbp.
  • Splashings of Fabric – UK
    Run custom fabric prints and have some fabrics in stock.  They also have soft shell!
  • Staghorn – Germany
    The website is only in German but they have lovely custom jersey fabrics that are great value too.
  • Stoffonkel – Germany
    Some gorgeous, premium organic jerseys and sweatshirts fabrics.
  • Tia Knight – UK
    I like them for solids in cotton-lycra and viscose-lycra but they also have loads of other fabric types.  This is the best value cotton lycra solids I’ve found with reasonable shipping and it comes in lots of different colours.  However, it is a bit thin.
  • Yes Fabrics – EU somewhere?
    Not sure where they’re based.  Some great value fleece-backed sweatshirt fabrics but they also have plain colours cotton lycras and french terry as well as denim, minky, and more.


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